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Would you like to work with us to promote ecological progress in the energy market? Do you approach new tasks with a sense of fun and passion? Can you put your expertise to work in order to think outside of the box while keeping an eye on the big picture? Then join us. Work with an effective team of colleagues who are every bit as qualified as they are motivated.

Put your energy and spirit of enterprise to work to make the most of the opportunities you’re presented. Question the status quo – and forge new paths with a clear vision. We’re looking for people who think in terms of solutions and not in terms of problems. People who can meet shifting challenges with an open mind and who need a dynamic environment to really bloom. People who think globally and are eager to work with colleagues from other countries and cultures.

Join us and discover a unique working atmosphere: we look forward to going to work, and fun and enthusiasm always play a part. Despite our strong growth and many attempts by outside companies to lure away our employees, we have practically no staff fluctuation – there really must be something unique about the oft-cited SOLON corporate culture.


We’ve got all types of people on board at our company: colleagues with a range of nationalities, religions, ages, sexual orientations and physical challenges. With female employees making up about 40 percent of our staff, including executive positions, SOLON is a leader in the business world. We’re delighted with our diversity – and we see it as an inspiring opportunity to learn from each other and to grow together. That’s why we have a clear zero-tolerance rule against discrimination of any kind.

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