SOLON Career

Grow with your responsibilities.
And with your achievements.



We want our employees to grow along with our company and to develop their strengths specifically and systematically: that’s why we offer professional and cross-sector training programs, in-house English lessons for all levels, management programs with an international orientation, support through personal mentors from the top and secondary executive levels for our junior staff, and individual coaching for our experienced managers.


Performance and success.

Our employees are committed and motivated to achieve, and we want to properly honor the achievements of each individual: each SOLON employee - from production employees to the members of the management board – receives a variable portion of payment in addition to their fixed compensation.


Global collaboration.

We are a dynamic company that currently has six locations in Europe and the USA as well as strategic shareholdings in companies within Europe and beyond. We work together according to our philosophy: “As localized as possible; as centralized as necessary.”

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