SOLON Career



We want our employees to grow along with our company and to develop their strengths specifically and systematically: that’s why we offer professional and cross-sector training programs, in-house English lessons for all levels, management programs with an international orientation, support through personal mentors from the top and secondary executive levels for our junior staff, and individual coaching for our experienced managers. But we want even more: our goal is to provide the best employee development in the sector – and we’ll continue to fill central positions in the company with a balanced proportion of internal to external candidates.

Feedback culture.

In our annual performance and development reviews, we assess each employee’s work over the past year and define new job and development goals for the coming term. All-important upward feedback to supervisors supports open communication about strengths and areas for development in cooperation between supervisors and employees.

We also conduct an anonymous employee survey every two years: the results show our positive sides as well as the areas where we need to improve. Many of the things that we can announce with pride today can be directly attributed to these surveys – and we continue to place a high priority on developing our strengths and eliminating our weaknesses.

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