SOLON Commercial rooftops

Two PV Systems to Meet Every Demand.
SOLON SOLfixx and SOLON SOLbond.

We know the challenges of trying to install PV systems on the roofs of public buildings. Customers want PV systems that can generate high output and are structurally sound, yet commercial rooftops often have a low load-bearing capacity and drilling holes through them is typically not an option. Based on these requirements, we have worked with our roof construction partners to develop the high-performance SOLON SOLbond system for metal roofs and SOLON SOLfixx system for bitumen and membrane roofs. With a 25-year performance warranty for consistently high output.

Solar system - SOLON SOLfixx

SOLON SOLfixx (left) and SOLON SOLbond (right). The powerful PV-systems for commercial and industrial roofs.

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