SOLON Commercial rooftops

High-Performance PV-Systems for Membrane Roofs – Without Roof Penetration.


SOLON SOLfixx can be mounted on membrane roofs in multiple ways depending on the type and condition of the roof surface - simple, quick and secure.

SOLON SOLfixx can be

  • Welded or bonded onto the membrane roof sheeting
  • Anchored into place with steel cables or
  • Simply ballasted in situ 

The innovative design of the system evenly distributes most of the system’s weight (and any additional ballast) on the rooftop. This avoids any excessive point or linear loads weighing down onto the roof. No additional structural or fabric protection sheeting is required as the SOLON SOLfixx sub-structure is compatible with common sheeting materials.

The special design of the system is unique in the way it allows easy disassembly and replacement in the event of a defect or planned refurbishment, due to ingenious one-click plug-and-play system which makes easy work of the removal and refit.

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