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Our Cooperation Partners.

SOLON is synonymous with exceptional quality. We therefore seek to cooperate with partners who share our commitment to quality, and who have worked alongside us to develop products for roofs on industrial and commercial premises that go far beyond traditional photovoltaic solutions. Together with our partners, we can offer you the right PV system for every roof. We are delighted to present our partners to you. You can find a list of our partners in Germany here.

SOLON SOLfixx Partners.

SOLON SOLfixx is a unique photovoltaic system designed for flat roofs. Depending on the type of roof, the system is either welded, bonded, or ballasted (anchored) to the roof membrane. When the roof is bonded or welded, it is important to know the exact material properties of its surface, since this is the only way to ensure that the installation will remain secure over the long term.


Bauder Ges.m.b.HBauder_DE

Gewerbepark 16
4052 Ansfelden
Phone: +43 7229 69130
Fax: +43 7229 65518 


RenolitRENOLIT Belgium N.V.

Industriepark De Bruwaan 9
9700 Oudenaarde
Phone: +32 55 339711
Fax: +32 55 319650

RENOLIT has been setting trends for synthetic roofing membranes in Europe for over 40 years. Our wide range of synthetic roofing membranes and innovative roof systems consist of PVC-P (RENOLIT ALKORPLAN, TPO (RENOLIT ALKORTOP) and EVA (RENOLIT ALKORTEC). Our single ply roof membranes are worldwide used for waterproofing industrial flat in new construction and renovation projects. 


Paul Bauder AGBauder_DE

Alte Zugerstrasse 16
6403 Küssnacht am Rigi
Phone: +41 41 8541560
Fax: +41 41 8541569

United Kingdom & Ireland.

Bauder Limited


United Kingdom
70 Landseer Road
Ipswich, Suffolk

O'Duffy Centre
Cross lane, Carrickmacross

Phone: +44 1473 257671
Fax: +44 1473 230761

Bauder manufactures and delivers a complete package of waterproofing membranes, insulation and green roofs installed through an approved contractor network so that every flat roof installed performs to expectations. Our roof systems are designed to provide a single source solution for every application and client need.

SOLON SOLbond Partners.

The innovative, frameless photovoltaic system SOLON SOLbond is bonded to the metal roof – sometimes using a rail. The SOLON SOLbond Integra and SOLON SOLbond Seam systems can even be installed without needing to penetrate the roof at all. To ensure that the systems are still firmly attached to the roof surface over the next twenty years or even longer, SOLON works together with metal roof manufacturers who deliver outstanding quality.



Durisolstrasse 11
5612 Villmergen
Phone: +41 56 6198585
Fax.: +41 56 6198610

Montana Building Systems Ltd. as a Swiss company of Tata Steel Europe is a multi-metal company. Since 1964 Montana is manufacturing panels for roofs, ceilings and façades. With our extensive know-how regarding the manufacturing of trapezoid- and corrugated panels, cladding profiles, liner trays, profiles for composite floor slabs and composite panels made of steel and aluminium.

United Kingdom.

Tata SteelTataSteel

Shotton Works
T: +44 845 3088330
F: +44 845 3011013

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