SOLON Commercial rooftops

Two Systems for All Roofs. High Efficiency and Reliable. SOLON SOLbond and SOLON SOLfixx.

The rooftops of large commercial buildings used to be overlooked as a potential area for solar power installations: many have very low load-carrying capacity and roof penetration is often not an option. How can the potential of this unused rooftop space be harnessed for statically safe and sound, but highly efficient systems?
SOLON has collaborated with leading roofing specialists to develop SOLON’s innovative high-performance systems - SOLON SOLbond for metal roofs and SOLON SOLfixx for bitumen and membrane roofing. With a performance guarantee of up to 25 years for a maximum yield security.

Solar system - SOLON SOLfixx

SOLON SOLfixx (left) and SOLON SOLbond (right). The powerful PV-systems for commercial and industrial roofs.

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