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Installing a PV system on an industrial, commercial or municipal building, places far greater demands on a project development than home PV installations. Before a roof can be used to generate electricity, a feasibility study of the PV project needs to be conducted. This study determines which roof type is suitable in terms of orientation to the sun, roof pitch, surface quality and, most importantly, load-bearing capacity. At this point the local utility company needs to be contacted to clarify the conditions for the connection of power to the grid.

A technical assessment will then be used to declare the roof ready for construction, while a commercial assessment will determine the profitability of the PV system. If requested, we can also offer extensive services in project development. They include:

  • Feasibility study (grid connection test, review of general project conditions)
  • Yield estimates and return on investment reports
  • Structuring and arrangement of suitable financing and insurance solutions
  • Request for grid connection or grid compatibility test from relevant utility company
  • Dimensioning and planning of PV system (including yield analysis, design layout)
  • Structural integrity analysis (structural test of PV system, evaluation of roof load-bearing capacity)
  • Component recommendations based on customer requirements
  • Roof renovation - may prove advisable during PV system installation.
    SOLON will help you to choose a suitable combination of roof covering and photovoltaic panels.
  • Integration of PV system in existing lightning protection system

With SOLON at your side you will have one of the most experienced partners in implementing large-scale photovoltaic projects. Having already installed over 300 MW of power plant capacity throughout the world, we know we can help you!

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