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Photovoltaic Contracting: Minimum Investment, Maximum Profit.

What do business owners have to invest to get cheap solar power? One minute of their time.

Whether industrial buildings, offices, hotels or schools – read the following summary on how you could become less dependent on rising electricity prices and achieve considerable savings on your electricity costs. After all, you don’t need to invest in a photovoltaic system in order to benefit from a photovoltaic system.

Do you want to cut your electricity costs? Simply rent your roof – to SOLON.

Buildings with large roofs present the best conditions for efficient and high-yield photovoltaic systems. Even if you are not looking to invest in a photovoltaic system yourself, you can now benefit from long-lasting, attractive solar power conditions.

This is how photovoltaic contracting works:

SOLON plans, builds and finances the optimum photovoltaic system on your roof for your very own consumption with the aim of achieving the greatest possible solar power supply for your company or institution. When you utilize your own solar power, this has the dual advantage that you require less electricity from external energy providers and cut your energy costs considerably.

A whole heap of advantages:

Cut electricity costs:
By using your own solar power, you can save cash as the cost of solar power is lower than the usual prices charged by energy suppliers.

Electricity costs that can be planned over the long term:
With solar power, you can become more independent on price fluctuations on the traditional energy market for decades to come.

Reliable power supply:
You use the electricity provided by the photovoltaic system when the sun is shining. If the sun is not shining, you take your power from the public power grid as usual. This gives you ultimate security of supply.

On-site consumption means less CO2:

Generating one KW hour of solar power reduces CO2 emissions by almost 500 g compared with generating one KW hour from a conventional energy mix supplied by energy providers.

Production halls, hotels, kindergartens – SOLON photovoltaic contracting has a multitude of applications.

The SOLON service offering is aimed at a number of different businesses and institutions:

  • Companies in the commercial sector that consume the majority of their energy at peak load times or during the day
  • Small and medium-sized industrial electricity consumers
  • Leasers of office, production or storage buildings with large roof surfaces
  • Owners of large roof surfaces such as factories, production and office buildings
  • Logistics and retail companies, schools and kindergartens as well as the hotel and restaurant industry

All you need is a relatively large roof surface and your roof will start saving electricity costs all on its own.

Learn more about intelligent on-site consumption and solar power generation with no investment and no risk.

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Solar does not equal solar.

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