SOLON Commercial rooftops

Planning and Project Management.

Besides the manufacturing of innovative PV systems, SOLON as a full-service provider can also do the planning the system in advance, including structural integrity tests, efficiency analyses, yield reports and component recommendations.
Thanks to our long-standing expertise in power plant construction, we know which system components work best with our products. This adds to the reliability of your PV system. If necessary we can also handle order processing and logistics - right up until delivery at the construction site. We can even take on construction management if you want. Making sure your project succeeds on all levels.



In addition to our system planning services, we can also act as a general contractor and assume full responsibility for the construction of your PV system. Based on many years of experience in the power plant business, we definitely know we can do the job.

Whether you need a ground-based or roof-mounted PV system, a standard or custom solution, SOLON can assist you with over 15 years of experience in implementing ambitious large-scale photovoltaic projects. Commencing with the project bidding process, time scheduling, construction management and culminating with final approval and documentation of the project – we make sure that your PV system goes online on time. You can count on that.

Operation and Maintanance.

SOLON turns solar energy production into a sustainable investment. Especially when PV systems are capable of providing maximum performance at all times. SOLON can make that happen with a full range of operating and maintenance services.

At defined maintenance intervals, individual components are thoroughly inspected while a web-based monitoring system makes it possible to immediately detect irregularities and initiate countermeasures where feasible. In this way potential defects can be eliminated before they can even have an effect.

To satisfy the varied requirements of PV system operators, we offer our operating and maintenance services in different packages. Would you like to take advantage of our services? Then get in touch with us.


Please contact us for questions concerning our project management services.

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