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On-site Consumption Analysis -
Use Your own Solar Energy and Save Money.


Advance knowledge of how much you will save on electricity costs later down the line.

Generating and utilizing your own solar power for your on-site consumption. For many industrial and commercial companies, this offers an ideal opportunity to save on electricity costs. But how m

Electricity costs that can be planned for the next 20 years.
Photovoltaics can make this a reality.

Solar energy pays off – even if you don’t feed your own solar power into the public grid and benefit from the special tariffs under the EEG (German Renewable Energy Sources Act). Ultimately, it comes down to whether you use the solar power you produce yourself in your own company. After all, even now, companies that use solar energy produced by their own photovoltaic systems pay significantly less per kilowatt hour for electricity than many others currently fork out to their energy providers.

It certainly pays off – the SOLON on-site consumption analysis.

Let our SOLON experts advise you on how you can best harness the potential of the sun. We configure the photovoltaic system so that you use as much of your own solar power as possible – and purchase as little of your energy as possible.

Cut your electricity costs –
the greater the roof surface, the greater the potential savings.

This makes own consumption of solar energy a particularly viable option for industry operators with large production or storage halls because the roof surfaces of these buildings are often ideal for installing photovoltaic systems. The solar energy is available precisely when energy demand is at its highest – namely during the day. Once you start using the cheap solar power for your on-site consumption, you will start to see massive savings on your electricity costs.

The SOLON on-site consumption analysis provides answers to these questions:


How much energy is used and when?
We will prepare your own individual load profile, which allows us to identify energy demand over the course of a day, month or year as well as peak load times.

Which is the best photovoltaic system for you?
First, we conduct a detailed yield forecast. Then we configure the photovoltaic system so that you can generate as much of your own solar power as possible – taking into account your own individual load profile, the roof size and orientation.

How much solar power can you produce?
We provide you with a comparison of your individual load profile and the expected energy production of a photovoltaic system installed on your company roof. As well as own consumption, we also calculate the solar coverage – the proportion of self-generated solar power in relation to the overall energy demand.

How much can you save on your electricity costs with SOLON?
Using current energy prices, the expected rise in energy prices and the investment cost of the system as a basis, we can calculate the expected saving for your company. One thing’s for sure – utilizing your own solar power can result in considerable savings. Find out for yourself!

Why purchase expensive power from a third party when you can produce and utilize your own cheaper solar power? Come to us for extensive advice based on your own individual requirements.

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