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Making Sure Your Roof Can Hold What Your PV System Promises.

In terms of design and orientation to the sun, many roofs are perfectly suitable for PV system installation. It is important that a roof provides a secure foundation for the entire service life of a PV system, though, to avoid the costs of dismantling the PV system if your roof ever requires renovation.

Reasons to Renovate Your Roof.

  • Formation of a high-quality roof whose surface remains sealed for the entire service life of the PV system
  • Ensures an optimal compatibility between roof surface and PV system
  • Roof renovation can also be financed from the financial returns of your PV system

In close cooperation with leading roof system manufacturers, SOLON makes it possible for you to plan a roof renovation and install a PV system at the same time. This allows you to precisely coordinate the planning and management of both renovation work and installation work. Project implementation is then carried out by properly licensed specialist firms. Because we can offer two innovative solutions - SOLON SOLbond Integra and SOLON SOLfixx - you can install your PV system without having to penetrate through your roof. That not only helps preserve your new roof but it also allows you to finance your renovation with the yields of your PV system.

With PV solutions specifically designed for industrial roofs, SOLON can ensure professional project implementation. If you are interested, just get in touch with us.


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