SOLON Company Headquarter


SOLON technology sets international standards: worldwide, we are combining passion with the highest levels of technological know-how. We are already an industry leader, but we do not just rely on our present success. We are actively researching and developing solar solutions for special applications. This passion for technological progress has led us to plan, develop and implement several innovative and extraordinary projects.

We built the world's first solar power plant adjustable around two axes.

Innovative ideas translated to useful technological advances are a tradition at SOLON: since building the Gut Erlasee large-scale photovoltaic power plant, SOLON has been regarded as a pioneer in dual axis solar systems. Gut Erlasee was the first project to make rapid, reliable use of large-scale solar power plants possible.

We transformed a bus terminal into a power plant.

In Seville, Spain, we converted the site of a local public transport company into a solar power plant. By putting this area, which had already been sealed, to clever secondary use, we managed to provide rain shelter and shade for the buses.

We transformed mountains into power plants.

In the mountainous landscape of Moclinejo, east of Malaga, Spain, SOLON has developed a special solution for safe anchorage of the power plant with an output of 7 MW.

We planned and installed PV systems for many new federal government buildings.

Our experience in successfully constructing PV systems has been received so well with the federal government that SOLON has been entrusted with the implementation of solar technology in new government buildings, including the President's office, the Federal Press Agency, the Federal Ministry of the Economy, the Federal Ministry of Transport and the Foreign Office.

We constructed our own particularly efficient corporate headquarters.

As an innovative company specializing in renewable energy, we want to lead by example. We fight climate change not just through installation of our products around the world, but also at the very place we originate the technology. Our new corporate headquarters consumes 75% less energy than other office buildings of similar size and function.

We developed innovative systems for roof integration and flat-roof installation.

You need to look to the future if you want to continue setting new benchmarks. This is why SOLON is carrying out intensive research in the field of module technology. Our aim is the continual optimization of the SOLON systems, in parallel with the development of premium design solutions for new applications.

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