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Whichever SOLON product you choose, we guarantee you three things: quality, reliability and optimal service. SOLON’s exacting standards and continual improvement of our products and our services all ensure that your modules will function reliably over their entire lifespan.

We invest in Research and Development.

Our international research team is continuously working on developing innovative and reliable, effective and efficient products for you. We received several awards for this in 2009, including our in-roof module SOLON Black 160/05, which won first prize in the Innovation Competition held by the renowned PV Symposium in Bad Staffelstein, and received the Intersolar Award.

We demand the highest possible quality in all materials.

Only materials that meet our high quality standards may become part of a SOLON module. Our experts test all materials before we use them. Each individual part, from the cell and the strings to the soldered connections, undergoes the strict approval process imposed by our quality assurance system. Our quality demands do not end here, though: we are in constant and close consultation with our suppliers to ensure that all materials meet and/or exceed our stringent requirements.

SOLON test laboratories are staffed with experts and equipped with the most modern technologies. This is why even other companies have their products tested by SOLON.

We carry out strict quality checks.

The material check is, of course, not the last of our quality requirements. Further inspections and tests are carried out prior to, during and after production. No module will be delivered to you until it has passed our numerous comprehensive tests. SOLON quality means first-class, flawless modules.

In addition our modern production sites have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

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