SOLON Company Headquarter

Environmental Management.


Environmental Stewardship Respect for our environment is a primary tenet of SOLON’s philosophy. We demonstrate our commitment to protect and preserve the environment in every phase of our company’s business.. To this end, the SOLON Board of Directors has established the SOLON Environmental Guidelines as a standard to which we hold ourselves.

Our objectives:

to conserve natural resources, prevent environmentally hazardous emissions and guarantee environmentally friendly production, logistics and management.

That is why...

 ... we adhere to a certified Environmental Management System compliant with ISO standard 14001 at all of our sites.
... we have an administrative office and a production facility in Berlin that use up to 75% less energy than comparable buildings.
... we still think about our products when our customers no longer need to: we recycle old solar modules and put the recyclable materials back into the economic cycle.

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