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SOLON's Services for Energy Consumers

New Operating Models – Known Technology.

Solar power for own consumption is based on a tried and tested set of applications and technologies. You can benefit from the many years of SOLON’s experience with determining the right size of solar power installations for your power demand and supply needs. We have a track record of numerous successful projects that show our planning expertise.

Integration with your Infrastructure.

In addition to evaluating potential sites or rooftops for their feasibility as locations for your power plants, SOLON can produce the concepts to supply the energy to your business. We analyse the available installations and work with you to find suitable interfaces and the necessary grid expansions, such as power factor correction.

Economic Solutions.

Without doubt, any investment first needs to consider profitability. We produce profitability forecasts according to your specifications. When sizing your plant, we follow these indicators to design a plant that matches you and your intentions.
If producing your own is not yet an economically positive option, we show you the scenarios in which this would be the case and are there to re-evaluate your plans when the conditions change.

SOLON Services for Your Investments.

We offer comprehensive services on all matters concerning own power production. Our team of engineers produces bespoke plans and plant layouts. We are there to build your systems. And more importantly, we are there to ensure the correct operations of your plant – if requested in cooperation with your local partners. Discover our products or come and speak to us directly!

The SOLON power plant platform

SOLON is pioneer in planning and turnkey installation of solar power plants. We have extensive experience in the operation and maintenance of solar power plants. We used this experience and our know-how, to standardize recurrent processes during installation and operation of power plants. The result: A modular designed power plant system.
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Solar does not equal solar.

Many companies work in the field of photovoltaics, but only a few can equal our comprehensive know-how and experience in the field of power-plant construction and module production.

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