SOLON Greenfiled Power Plants

Put Your Land to Work.

Solar power plants are a sustainable form of using our land. With their minimal surface sealing footprint and the opportunity for easy deconstruction and recycling, the value of your land is protection even for the period after the plant has completed its life. You will benefit from regular lease payments, financed by selling the power produced on your land. A safe choice.

SOLON has years of experience with evaluating and developing sites for solar power plants. With your site, we can take over coordination with the local authorities and grid companies, found a project company, and get your project ready for execution. We can build the plant as your general contractor or market the project rights. You want to use your holdings for a sustainable investment? Learn more about our project development services or simply come and speak to us!

SOLON Investments operating

Projects in Development.

You are looking for a partner to come on board at the start of your project? Or you want to get your project to maturity and need support with yield forecasts, plant layout, or other planning services? Our project development and planning services benefit from our knowhow and the SOLON network. Come and speak to us!

Fully Developed Projects.

At the end of all of the work on developing a project, the time has come to turn it into reality. Our experience makes us the partner of choice for the construction of solar power plants. SOLON can offer comprehensive EPC services for your project. If it matches the investment strategy of our financial partners, we are also happy to arrange capital or bank financing for your project.

The SOLON power plant platform

SOLON is pioneer in planning and turnkey installation of solar power plants. We have extensive experience in the operation and maintenance of solar power plants. We used this experience and our know-how, to standardize recurrent processes during installation and operation of power plants. The result: A modular designed power plant system.
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Solar does not equal solar.

Many companies work in the field of photovoltaics, but only a few can equal our comprehensive know-how and experience in the field of power-plant construction and module production.

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