SOLON Greenfiled Power Plants

SOLON's Services for Project Developers and Land owners

Evaluating and Developing Sites.

The location and local infrastructure has a massive impact on the prospective installation and operating costs for any solar power plant. SOLON has installed over 310 MWp in more than 250 projects. We put all of our expertise from these projects at your disposal. Our team of experienced engineers and project developers will check the conditions on site and evaluate the feasibility of a solar power project. If the evaluation is positive, SOLON is happy to take over the entire development of the site.


For a project to be completed at the lowest possible costs, it helps to involve a skilled partner at an early point. SOLON combined project development expertise and competence as EPC contractor. We are the ideal partners for your development activities from the very first stages of your projects. Come and speak to us!


We are there to support you on all technical questions concerning solar power plants. From plant layout to system planning to the design of the entire plant concept – our team of experienced engineers and planners can help you with all the details of your project.

Executing Your Projects.

With SOLON, you have a strong partner to rely on for your projects. Our years of intensive development work has given us the optimum solutions for any challenge that might arise. Our SOLON power plant platform is built around a fixed-mounted system (fixed tilt) that can be adjusted to match the specifications of the following products: SOLON Tauri, our single-axis tracker system for optimized efficiency or SOLON Vega and SOLON Regor for controlling and monitoring your power plant portfolio. Whichever alternative you decide: you can always be sure about the premium quality and top efficiency of your SOLON plant.

The SOLON power plant platform

SOLON is pioneer in planning and turnkey installation of solar power plants. We have extensive experience in the operation and maintenance of solar power plants. We used this experience and our know-how, to standardize recurrent processes during installation and operation of power plants. The result: A modular designed power plant system.
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