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Sustainable Commitment is Worth It.

Climate protection and sustainability are the leading issues of our times. The revolution in our energy infrastructure brings many challenges, but also many opportunities: municipal and state authorities can use solar power installations as an excellent opportunity for sustainable and independent power production to supply their local citizens with power without the price hikes.


Give Your Unused Land a Purpose.

Towns, municipalities, states, and national authorities are the owners of vast land holdings that have little value for normal forms of usage or need extensive rejuvenation. These are the perfect sites for solar power generation. What might look like a problem plot at first sight can be turned over to sustainable use and help fulfil our sustainability and carbon emission targets with the power of the sun.

Power to the People.

There are often many ways to involve the local population and increase their acceptance and sense of identification with the project, be it by offering locally produced power via the local utilities or involving the local population directly with participation models.
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The SOLON power plant platform

SOLON is pioneer in planning and turnkey installation of solar power plants. We have extensive experience in the operation and maintenance of solar power plants. We used this experience and our know-how, to standardize recurrent processes during installation and operation of power plants. The result: A modular designed power plant system.
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Solar does not equal solar.

Many companies work in the field of photovoltaics, but only a few can equal our comprehensive know-how and experience in the field of power-plant construction and module production.

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