SOLON Greenfiled Power Plants


Fixed tilt systems

The reduzed area consumption of a fixed tilt system allwos an efficient land usages.

Lübesse, Germany

  • Installed power: 2,5 MWp
  • Fixed Tilt System 

The plant was build upon an unused area of an industrial park. Currently we're building the second stage of 1 MWp. 

Ferrassieres, France

  • Installed Power: 3,1 MWp
  • Fixed tilt system

The Solar Power Plant was built on a former military base of the French Army.

Fresno County, CA U.S.A

  • Capacity: 17.7 MW dc
  • Product: SOLON Andromeda: Mira, Fixed-tilt

The 17.7 MW dc Five Points Solar Station in Fresno County, California produces energy for Pacific Gas & Electric which supplies natural gas and electric service to approximately 15 million people in Northern and Central California.  The Five Points project is part of PG&E’s 250-MW Utility Owned Generation (UOG) PV Program, a five-year plan for the construction of utility-owned solar PV stations.

Sa Gruta, Spain

  • Installed Power: 2,68 MWp
  • Fixed Tilt System 

Even on the spanish island Mallorca SOLON shows its competence: Several fixed tilt systems impress by size and appearance.


Single-axis tracking systems

Up to 25% higher yields via tracking modules according to the position of the sun.

Sesto al Reghena, Italy

  • Installed Power: 6 MWp
  • Single-axis tracker, SOLON Tauri

In the region Pordenone SOLON installed this 6 MWp power plant in 2011. Control functions, monitoring and data logging is realized via SOLON Regor.

Gila Bend, Arizona, U.S.A


Cotton Center Solar Plant

  • Capacity: 21 MW dc 
  • Product: SOLON Single-Axis Tracker
Covering 145 acres, the Cotton Center Solar Plant in Gila Bend, Arizona provides 21 MW of power for customers of utility, Arizona Public Service. The project is to date the largest in SOLON's history.


Hegnenbach, Germany

SOLON Power Plant Hegnenbach
  • Installed Power: 1,86 MW
  • Product: SOLON Tauri

2009 SOLON introduced a further innovation for large scale solar power plants: SOLON Tauri, a single-axis tracking system. 

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