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SOLON adjusts its global growth strategy to changing market conditions

Berlin, 6 March 2014 As part of its global growth strategy, SOLON has successfully evolved from a strong German brand into an international company with a growing presence, particularly in Asian and African markets. The SOLON Group has therefore decided to relocate its global headquarters from Berlin to the United Arab Emirates, where the majority of SOLON modules are already manufactured. In addition, production and related facilities in Berlin Adlershof will be closed, affecting all of the circa 230 employees who work there.
By joining forces with the UAE-based solar cell producer Microsol in 2012, SOLON was able to survive in the market and prove itself in a very competitive global landscape. In order to secure its prospects for international growth, the SOLON Group must continue to adapt its resources. “In the past two years, SOLON has evolved into a strong global brand known for its top-quality products. Our production facilities in the UAE allowed us to meet our customers’ cost expectations. While the German market continues to play a big role in our European strategy, emerging markets in Asia and Africa are becoming increasingly important, particularly in the ground-mounted solar power plant segment,” explains Managing Director Anjan Turlapati.
In the future, the European and North African markets will be served by a single European distribution company, which will also have a presence in Germany. In keeping with SOLON’s quality-oriented business approach, all existing and future contracts will be delivered. SOLON will remain available to all its customers and partners as always and will ensure the fulfilment of all obligations and guarantees.
The SOLON brand continues to stand for innovation, partnership and quality. To ensure this promise for the future, the company will go on using the long established German facility in Greifswald, among others, where SOLON’s partner ML&S produces certified modules. SOLON will also continue to develop its technology in Germany and other countries together with its partners in order to meet its high standards for quality and innovation.
“Cooperative negotiation with our employees is our top priority in the coming weeks,” says German Branch Manager Lars Podlowski. “It is our goal to reach a fair agreement with the works council in this difficult situation.”

About SOLON International
SOLON produces high-quality solar modules and supplies solar systems technology for roof-mounted and ground-mounted installations as well as storage systems for private consumption of solar energy. In addition, SOLON plans, installs and services large rooftop installations and turnkey solar power plants around the world. The SOLON Group has subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, the United States and India employs approximately 500 people worldwide.

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