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The intellgent Energy Storage Solution for Permanently low Electricity Costs.

With SOLON SOLhome, consumers can use solar energy they have produced themselves – even at night. Thanks to the smart energy management system, unused energy is stored for use during periods of low sunlight, enabling you to cover up to 65% of your energy requirements through on-site consumption and achieve massive cuts in your electricity costs.







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Solar system - SOLON SOLfixx

Photovoltaic System for Flat Rooftops.

SOLON SOLfixx is the first PV system for flat roofs that has its module and substructure integrated into one unit. The modules are installed on the substructure at an inclination of 10°. This ensures maximum yield per square meter of roof area. An additional benefit: simple and fast plug-and-play installation.

The innovative flat-roof system is suitable for all roof structures and lightweight roofs with a carrying load capacity greater than 12.9 kg / m². The tray-like plastic substructure provides a largesupport surface. This means that 70% of all loads are carried by the roof. The rounded edges ensure additional roof protection. The system is not only easy to install, but also strong under extreme weather conditions. SOLON SOLfixx is stable enough for wind load zones 1 + 2 and snow load zone 3 and meets the static requirements of DIN EN 1991-1-6. In addition, SOLON offers up to 25 years warranty for the substructure.

When planning a roof renovation based on bitumen or plastic strips, you will find that SOLON SOLfixx is the optimal solution. Special attachment methods render installation particularly easy.



The Power-Optimized Photovoltaic Solution for Maximum System Safety.

How can you increase the total output of a photovoltaic system by up to 25 %? With smart innovations: SOLON SOLraise – optimized by SolarEdge – is the newly developed photovoltaic system specifically designed to overcome challenging roof spaces that are subject to partial-shading resulting.

SOLON SOLraise offers a superior level of module efficiency for maximum performance on challenging roof spaces that are prone to partial shading. The embedded power-optimized box maximizes energy output by continuously tracking the Maximum Power Point (MPP) of each module. Individual module MPP Tracking maximizes energy production from modules exposed to partial shading from chimneys, dormers and poles. Minimum heat buildup contributes to consistently high performance. Collectively, the SOLON SOLraise can maximize system performance by up to 25 %.

SOLON Advantages.

SOLON Energy GmbH is one of the largest solar module manufacturers in Europe and a leading supplier of photovoltaic systems for large-scale solar power plants. See the SOLON advantages.

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