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Greater Output on Partially Shaded Flat Roofs.

SOLON SOLfixx+ is the ideal solution for partially shaded roof areas. The innovative flat roof system now features an integrated power optimizer. This enables individual MPP tracking for each module, resulting in an up to 25% greater output.

SOLON SOLfixx+ consists of the PV-System SOLON SOLfixx, embedded power-optimizer box developed by SolarEdge, inverter and web-based monitoring.


Power Optimizer.

    • Replaces the conventional module connection box
    • Continual MPP tracking on module level

    SolarEdge power inverters.

      • Various power inverter models are available, ranging from 2.2 kWp to 17 kWp
        (8–50 modules/string)
      • Constant input voltage allows for maximum efficiency of up to 98%
      • Highest system safety; thanks to Safe DC™ technology, the system is switched
        off during installation, maintenance and emergency
      • Prevention of electric shock and arcing
      • Safety voltage ensures installation is free of danger


        • Web-based power monitoring on module, string and system level,
          from any Internet capable PC worldwide
        • Technical and financial data monitoring of one or more PV systems
        • Automatic warning message for precise fault recognition



SOLON Advantages.

> 10-year product guarantee
> 25-year performance guarantee
> Positive sorting of power classes
> Gothaer photovoltaic insurance included
> Free module recycling

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