SOLON solar systems for indutrial rooftops

SOLON Solar Systems for Commercial Rooftops.

A solar power system from SOLON is a profitable choice and a simple and safe investment. Our "all around carefree package" means that you do not have to worry about planning, construction or initial operation. SOLON and its partners will take care of all that.

Even after installation, everything has been arranged: a 10-year product warranty, a 25-year performance guarantee and integrated solar insurance are proof of that.


PV system specifically designed for metal roofs.

The efficient solar power system for metal roofs. No traditional substructure or aluminum frame is needed for assembly.

Solar system - SOLON SOLfixx

Photovoltaic System for Flat Rooftops.

SOLON SOLfixx is the first PV system for flat roofs that has its module and substructure integrated into one unit. An additional benefit: simple and fast plug-and-play installation.

Solar System SOLON

SOLON 220/16.
Premium High Output Modules.

Customized to meet the highest standards and specific conditions in the industry segment.

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