SOLON Greenfiled Power Plants

SOLON Power Plants: We set standards for Efficiency.

SOLON’s power plants rely on a simple, but convincing principle: combining standardized, large-series designs with top quality and exceptional commercial value.

Top Technology for Better Returns.

The advantages of SOLON’s plants are evident: the modular designs mean that the chosen components do not need to be adjusted again for every project. They are already fully developed and perfectly balanced by SOLON’s specialists. We have also used our many years of experience to standardize the routine processes in plant installation and operation. The end result: unrivalled speed in planning and construction – getting your plant on the grid sooner than you think.
Standardized components and processes not only add to your certainty in project planning. During their routine operations, SOLON’s power plants reap the benefits of their superior technology. Exact tracking of all system and performance data allows reliable forecasts about future power outputs. Defined maintenance cycles ensure smooth and flawless operations for the long term. For you, this means: SOLON power plants promise maximum yields over a long life.

Special challenges require special solutions.

SOLON is a pioneer in the planning and construction of turnkey solar power plants. As a result of our strengths in research and development, we have designed unique products for power plants – optimized for the requirements of photovoltaic applications and well prepared for tough conditions.

SOLON Regor. This data acquisition and control system allows for continuous access at all times of power plant data. SOLON Regor ensures the reliable collection, as well as the processing and backup of your plant data. The system implements set parameter changes and provides data for visualization and further analysis. Additionally, SOLON Regor is in compliance with grid regulations and provides the communication interface to the grid operator.

SOLON Tauri. The single-axis tracking of PV modules according to the position of the sun reduces shading especially during morning and evening hours. Tracking improves the output of the solar power plant. In addition, a unique tracking algorithm helps to avoid self-shading of the modules when the sun is low.

SOLON performs better. Guaranteed.

High quality and comprehensive services at a competitive price for each project: That is our goal. And we demand no less from our suppliers for components as well as our partners in the field. We keep the whole process within an arms reach - in production and on site. So you can be certain at all times of the known SOLON quality.

Operation and maintenance. You will continue to benefit from SOLON’s experience even after the plant is on-line. To guarantee your total peace of mind, we are happy to manage the operation and maintenance of the entire power plant. You can depend on us.

SOLON Vega. Remote monitoring with SOLON Vega allows you to keep your eye on your power plant, wherever you are. SOLON Vega is an innovative remote control and monitoring system that maximizes system up-time. This enables you to quickly and easily access all relevant data and outputs from your SOLON power plant over an encrypted website.



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