SOLON Greenfiled Power Plants

SOLON Tauri. Our Single-axis Tracking System.

  • Fitting to 60 cell or 72 cell standard modules
  • robust and weather-proof construction
  • Highly cost efficient through easy installation and low maintenance effort.
  • Up to 25% higher yields compared to fixed installations.

SOLON Tauri Power Plants
SOLON Tauri Power Plants

The Principle.

The standard SOLON Tauri unit consists of 16 x 2 module frames. Depending on the module size, up to 35 (60-cell) or 30 (72-cell) modules fit each frame. These modules track the sun’s position from east to west along a horizontal axis.

The Benefit.

Depending on the latitude, topography and vegetation, 25% additional performance can be achieved in comparison with a fixed, south-facing system.

Simple Assembly.

We deliver fully assembled systems, avoiding the need for welding on site. Our years of experience have allowed us to develop specific assembly processes and tailor-made equipment to cut installation times to a minimum.

Decades of Reliability.

Our robust plants with their galvanized steel frames and friction bearings are designed with long life in mind. Our hydraulic drive systems and control units avoid movable parts, such as ventilators, wherever possible. The end product is a system developed to stand up to the tough conditions of in the field.

With the Environment in Mind.

We keep soil sealing to a minimum – depending on the foundation system, a smaller footprint than other fixed-mounted systems. Our systems give nature enough space to breathe.

Innovative Protection.

The astronomically coordinated back-tracking algorithm prevents the modules from being shaded during the morning and evening, as this would lead to a reduction in the yield


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You want to get more information on our products or have a project?
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