SOLON SOLraise. The Power-Optimized Photovoltaic Solution for Maximum System Safety.

How can you increase the total output of a photovoltaic system by up to 25 %? With smart innovations: SOLON SOLraise – optimized by SolarEdge – is the newly developed photovoltaic system specifically designed to overcome challenging roof spaces that are subject to partial-shading resulting.


Every module has the capability to perform at its best.

More Precision. More Output.

    SOLON SOLraise offers a superior level of module efficiency for maximum performance on challenging roof spaces that are prone to partial shading. The embedded power-optimized box maximizes energy output by continuously tracking the Maximum Power Point (MPP) of each module. Individual module MPP Tracking maximizes energy production from modules exposed to partial shading from chimneys, dormers and poles. Minimum heat buildup contributes to consistently high performance. Collectively, the SOLON SOLraise can maximize system performance by up to 25 %.

    Web-Monitoring Enhances the Total System Performance.

      Another advantage of SOLON SOLraise: the performance of each module can be monitored closely. No additional hardware or wiring is required for the web-monitoring. The monitoring sensors are built directly into the SOLON SOLraise PowerBoxes. Accurate performance data from each module is continuously measured and accessible through a secure web monitoring portal. For a permanent, optimal system performance.

      Unparalleled Safety at any Given Moment: SafeDC™

        During the system installation process, the module output voltage remains at a fixed voltage of 1V. Regardless of the situation, whether it is an emergency or a simple system maintenance upkeep: the system can be shut down at any time. In the case of a fire emergency the entire system shuts down automatically. Whatever happens: SOLON SOLraises protection features ensure the system’s safety at all times. With SafeDC TM, you are always on the safe side.

        System Reliability is the key.

          Because MPP Tracking is handled by the PowerBox separately for each module by the PowerBoxes, the inverter is only responsible for DC to AC conversion, resulting in a a less complicated, more reliable solar inverter. Thanks to its low complexity, it works free from interference. The fixed string voltage ensures operation at the highest efficiency at a maximum of 98 % – regardless of string length and temperature.

The SOLON SOLraise system consists of:

  • SOLON modules with integrated power-optimization boxes – optimized by SolarEdge
  • An inverter
  • A performance monitoring system embedded into each power-optimized box

All of the components used adhere to SOLON's stringent quality standards, resulting in exceptional system safety and stable output that will last for decades

Production changes in October 2012.

From October 2012  the SOLON Black 230/07 PLUS and SOLON Blue 230/07 PLUS will be produced with a new frame height of 45 mm. In the datasheets the new technical specifications will be adjusted accordingly. Please get in touch with SOLON if you have any further questions regarding the changes.


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SOLON Advantages.

> 10-year product guarantee
> 25-year performance guarantee
> Positive sorting of power classes
> Gothaer photovoltaic insurance included
> Free module recycling

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