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SOLON products for Private Households.
Generate and use Your own Solar Power.

SOLON offers a broad range of solar modules and systems to allow consumers to generate solar power on the roofs of their houses. The range includes the premium system SOLON SOLraise, which significantly increases system output on partially shaded roofs.

Greater independence is offered by the SOLON SOLhome energy storage solution, which stores generated solar power and utilizes it whenever you need on a time-delay basis.

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SOLON SOLraise. Perfect for Partially Shaded Roofs.

SOLON SOLraise increases the power output of solar systems on partially shaded roofs – by up to 25%.


SOLON 230/07.
Exceptional Quality that Speaks for itself.

SOLON delivers products of an impressively high quality. This is confirmed by the assessments of Öko-Test and TÜV-Nord.


SOLON 220/16. The Powerful All-rounder for Roofs Across the Board.

Powerful and universal – SOLON 220/16 modules are the ideal solution for all common roof surfaces.

SOLON Black 230/02

SOLON Black 230/02.
Elegant aesthetics and first-class functionality.

The perfect choice for customers who value aesthetically pleasing appearance.


SOLON SOLhome. The Intelligent Energy Storage Solution.

Capture the sun’s energy, store and use it yourself, and save on electricity costs – even at night. A piece of cake with SOLON SOLhome.

SOLON Advantages.

SOLON Energy GmbH is one of the largest solar module manufacturers in Europe and a leading supplier of photovoltaic systems for large-scale solar power plants. See the SOLON advantages.

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