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What sets SOLON apart from other solar system providers? We want to give you more – more quality, more service and more power.

Photovoltaic Insurance


Want to avoid any unpleasant surprises when operating a solar energy system, but if an accident should happen, have the peace of mind that you’re covered? Then look no further than our special all-risks insurance for rooftop installations, which SOLON has concluded with Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherung AG. It applies in countries in the European Union.
The insurance covers all damage to the entire system, including the storage system provided by SOLON, as well as loss of production and installation faults. Your free insurance coverage comes into effect when the system is commissioned and ends after two years. Of course, you can then renew the insurance coverage for the system: Thanks to the positive long-term experience our insurers have had with SOLON solar systems and the low claims ratio, this insurance coverage is available at a very favorable rate. You can get a corresponding quote on request.

Product and Performance Guarantee


As a premium manufacturer we grant a 10 year product guarantee1) for our solar modules as well as a five-stage performance guarantee, instead of the typical two-stage guarantee offered on the market. SOLON thus guarantees an output capacity of 95% for the first 5 years after the purchase of a solar module, 90% for 10 years, 87% for 15 years, 83% for 20 years and 80% for 25 years.

Positive Sorting.

As a premium solar manufacturer, we are committed to giving our customers exactly what they want – and more. Therefore, SOLON adopted the “positive sorting” principle for its modules. A product tolerance means there is a fixed amount of leeway when it comes to product properties. A defined value can therefore be exceeded or fallen short of. With “positive sorting”, SOLON offers an especially customer-friendly concept for assuring module quality: In terms of rated power, the tolerance of our modules only extends to positive deviations. All modules are capable of reaching or exceeding their rated power. This leads to higher module power for the same price, higher yields over the same area, lower system costs and higher planning security. In short: a major advantage for our customers.

Solar Module Recycling.


SOLON is a passionate advocate of ecological change.We are particularly concerned with careful use of resources: SOLON modules have an excellent materials recycling ratio of up to 90%. Valuable constituents such as silicon (cells), aluminum (frames) and solar glass, as well as copper and tin (soldered and cross-connections) are recycled to return raw materials to the economic cycle.

We have challenged ourselves to keep this materials recycling ratio as high as possible. This is why you profit from our free recycling service by specialized waste management companies where you can have your SOLON modules recycled.

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