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How to become an electricity producer.

A solar plant from SOLON pays for itself in three different ways: it converts free solar radiation into valuable electricity, protects our environment and gives you a high-yield capital investment for decades of high returns. All with low operating costs and without added risk. You could call that a real investment for the future.

Project development.

Our specialist partners will put you in touch with a SOLON installer in your area. He or she will perform a general assessment to determine the suitability of your home by using your house’s building plans or through an on-site appointment. If the result is positive, a yield simulation and subsequent profitability analysis for your roof will be performed. Many SOLON installers will also be able to help you hold any necessary discussions with the bank and public authorities.

Planning and construction.

As no roof is identical to another, your pv system will be planned individually. During installation, the installer will be your expert contact person when it comes to construction management, scheduling and installation.

Operation and service.

As soon as all work has been completed, your solar power plant can be connected to the public power grid. That means it is time to sit back and enjoy the sun!

Specialist partners.

Quality in consultation and installation: with installers trained by SOLON. Find them here.



A selection of residential buildings with solar panels from SOLON.

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