SOLON solar systems for residential buildings

Energy from the sun.

The amount of energy our sun gives us every single day is equivalent to 2,850 times our worldwide energy needs. Depending on the region, around 1000 watts of sunshine per square meter reach the ground. Just what an inconceivable amount of energy this is becomes clear when you consider that the sun could meet one year’s worth of our global energy needs in just three hours. One thing is clear: we must take advantage of that.

How solar works.

With a SOLON solar power plant on your roof you can convert the sun’s energy into electricity. And into hard cash – for 20 years.


How to become an electricity producer.

The path to a sustainable investment is anything but a difficult one. And not just that – it is attractive and reliable, too.

SOLON Blue 230/07

Our modules for your roof.

SOLON systems are characterized by longevity that sets new standards: high-quality materials, innovative technology, years of experience and the most stringent quality controls ensure outstanding reliability for decades to come.



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A selection of residential buildings with solar panels from SOLON.

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