SOLON Residential buildings

SOLON References. Residential buildings.

A selection of residential buildings with solar panels from SOLON.

SOLON Residential Neckarsulm
Foto: Kaco new energy GmbH

Neckarsulm, Germany

Capacity: 5.4 kWp
Product: SOLON Black 160/05

SOLON Residential Grosskarlbach
Foto: Eurosol

Groß Kalbach, Germany

Capacity: 10.66 kWp
Product: SOLON Black 130/04

Foto: Spronge

Arizona, USA

Capacity: 6.3 kWp
Product: SOLON Blue 220/01

SOLON Residential PontaDelgada
Foto: SOLON Energy GmbH

Ponta Delgada, Portugal

Capacity: 16 kWp
Product: SOLON Blue 230/07

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