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Help the world advance. And yourself.

Passion and a pioneering spirit. Expertise and experience. We put these things to work to help propel ecological change in the energy market. Would you like to work in a field that focuses on the environment? To be part of a dynamic company that enjoys outstanding success in a high-growth market? Then join us. Work with us to revolutionize the use of solar energy while also achieving your career goals. After all, the future belongs to solar energy – and to those who work for its progress.

Global Collaboration.

The SOLON group is a dynamic company that currently has locations in Europe, India, the USA and Australia.We work together according to our philosophy: “As localized as possible; as centralized as necessary.”

In doing so, we promote and support the exchange of information and cooperation between our employees throughout the company with clear structures and responsibilities as well as with workshops and team meetings involving multiple locations, along with internationally oriented development programs and job rotation.

In this way, we strengthen mutual understanding and trust and promote intensive knowledge transfer and fruitful exchange of experiences.

Get in contact with us.

More than 500 employees already work for our company’s success. But we want to continue growing – and are therefore looking for highly trained and motivated colleagues.

Whether your specialty is natural science, engineering or business, if you are a technician, professional worker or graduate student – we welcome anyone who shares our enthusiasm and who wants to join us to continue to develop. Many paths can lead to your goal, whether it’s an apprenticeship, participation in our International Graduate Program or direct employment. Many of our former interns, working students and graduate students have now become a permanent part of our teams, too.

We look forward to receiving your application (to include cover letter, resume, references and salary expectation) via e-mail or by mail. 

You are also welcome to send us an application on your own initiative at any time.


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