Solar does not equal solar.

Many companies work in the field of photovoltaics, but only a few can equal our comprehensive know-how and experience in the field of power plant construction and module production. Our consistent focus on solar modules and solar technology, from turnkey power plants to modules for residential use, has made SOLON one of the most innovative, reliable and largest pv companies in Europe. With our subsidiaries in Germany, France, Italy, India,  the USA and Australia, we offer solar services across the world.

As one of the longest-established, most successful companies in the market, SOLON has gained valuable experience in the design, engineering, and constructing of many large-scale projects. Our customers profit directly from our knowledge and expertise when they use our extremely reliable, innovative, and highly efficient products. We promise and deliver excellent service from your initial inquiry to the finished project. Legendary SOLON quality, which is constantly checked and improved upon in our test laboratories. After all, solar does not equal solar.

Quality at every level.

SOLON solar power systems are built from the highest quality components and designed with the experience and expertise of leading solar experts. Our solar modules are known for extremely high quality and efficiency. Our large solar installations build on that excellence, providing years of worry-free service and excellent return on investment.

Reliable and efficient solar modules and components.

  • High efficiency solar module and cell technology
  • Modular system design for fast implementation, easy commissioning

EPC excellence.

  • Experts in all aspects of Engineering, Procurement and Construction
  • Strong partner for design, licensing, installation and commissioning
  • More than 350 MW of installed systems worldwide


We have planned and implemented innovative, unusual projects at numerous sites worldwide. We are also constantly conducting intensive research in the field of module technology, developing solar solutions for special applications.

We transformed a bus terminal into a power plant.

In Seville, Spain, we converted the site of a local public transport company into a solar power plant. By putting this area, which had already been sealed, to clever secondary use, we managed to provide rain shelter and shade for the buses.

We built the world's first solar power plant adjustable around two axes.

Innovative ideas translated to useful technological advances are a tradition at SOLON: since building the Gut Erlasee large-scale photovoltaic power plant, SOLON has been regarded as a pioneer in dual axis solar systems. Gut Erlasee was the first project to make rapid, reliable use of large-scale solar power plants possible.

We transformed mountains into power plants.

In the mountainous landscape of Moclinejo, east of Malaga, Spain, SOLON has developed a special solution for safe anchorage of the power plant with an output of 7 MW.

We planned and installed PV systems for many new federal government buildings.

Our experience in successfully constructing PV systems has been received so well with the federal government of Germany that SOLON has been entrusted with the implementation of solar technology in new government buildings, including the President's office, the Federal Press Agency, the Federal Ministry of the Economy, the Federal Ministry of Transport and the Foreign Office.

We developed innovative systems for roof integration and flat-roof installation.

You need to look to the future if you want to continue setting new benchmarks. This is why SOLON is carrying out intensive research in the field of module technology. Our aim is the continual optimization of the SOLON systems, in parallel with the development of premium design solutions for new applications.


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As a general contractor, SOLON has many years of experience in the construction of turnkey power plants. Since 2004, projects with a total output of more than 350 MW have been installed worldwide.

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