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Since 2004, SOLON has been building solar power plants with a total capacity of over 350MWp worldwide. Thanks to this experience, we have successfully standardized all key components and processes of SOLON power plants. All components are carefully coordinated with each other. Thus we can guarantee high reliability at an economical price as well as reducing the operating and maintenance costs over the entire life of the power plant.

SOLON Mira Power Plant

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SOLON India is leading in engineering, procurement and construction services for customers intending to develop solar power plants. Financial advisory services are also offered to our valued customers to obtain low cost finance and to ensure proper project structuring to maximize on incentives, tax benefits and to ensure best utilization of state and central government policy initiatives.

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SOLON Mira Power Plants

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As a general contractor, SOLON has many years of experience in the construction of turnkey power plants. Since 2004, projects with a total output of more than 350 MW have been installed worldwide.

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