SOLON Velocity Power Plants Fixed Tilt

Fixed-tilt installation:

  • Realization with SOLON Fixed Tilt, a PV mounting system designed for large SOLON modules
  • Easy-to-install system with highly efficient surface usage
  • Various substructures make it adaptable to many different location conditions

SOLON Mira - Hegnenbach
SOLON Mira Power Plant

Our years of experience developing power plant solutions is the basis for the SOLON Fixed Tilt.
Several different foundation options give the system the flexibility to be adaptable to various locations – even in sloping terrain.

Low materials and maintenance costs as well as project-specific customization make SOLON Fixed Tilt a highly cost-efficient system.

The SOLON Fixed Tilt’s substructure is made of hot-dip-galvanized steel and the module superstructure is made of aluminum. The assembly system foundation is customized to the location-specific ground conditions.


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SOLON Mira Power Plants

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As a general contractor, SOLON has many years of experience in the construction of turnkey power plants. Since 2004, projects with a total output of more than 350 MW have been installed worldwide.

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