SOLON Velocity Power Plants Fixed Tilt

Single-axis tracking:
SOLON Tauri.

  • Complete PV single-axis tracking system with 60 or 72 cell modules
  • Highly cost-effective due to easy assembly and low maintenance costs
  • Up to 25% greater yield compared with fixed-tilt systems



With more than 100 MW of tracking systems installed worldwide, SOLON Tauri is a solid investment.  Easy assembly and low maintenance costs make SOLON Tauri a highly cost-effective system. Depending on the latitude, topography and vegetation, the single-axis tracking system can increase yields up to 25% more than a fixed, south-facing system.


The standard SOLON Tauri unit consists of 16 x 2 module units with 30 modules each, a total of 960 SOLON modules. Utilizing proprietary backtracking algorithms, this model tracks the sun on a single axis throughout the day so the module is less likely to be in the shade in the morning and evening.These modules are hydraulically powered to track the sun, using a horizontal rotating axis.

Standardized, preconfigured components reduce timely welding and in-field assembly work, reducing both the installation time and costs. This robust, weather-resistant system is constructed of hot-dip galvanized steel.  Powered by rugged hydraulics, there are fewer mechanical components to fail, and minimal maintenance required.

All these measures result in a lower failure risk and thus in lower costs for both the investor and the operator.


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