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New Combination Product from SOLON and Tata Steel Europe


SOLON, Tata Steel Europe and the Sustainable Building Envelope Centre have jointly reacted to increased demand for an intelligent combination of PV systems and metal roof coverage.
Tata Steel Europe, based in Wales, is Europe’s second-largest steel producer. Together with SOLON, the company has developed an innovation that solves several problems at once: a combination product comprising the SOLON SOLbond PV system and a high-quality trapeze/sandwich-roof element made of Colorcoat Prisma® steel. The product enables a long-lasting connection between the roof and a PV system.
SOLON SOLbond was specially developed for lightweight metal industrial roofs. Direct adhesion between the frameless module and the roof allows the roof to take advantage of the roof’s static load capacity, thereby eliminating the need for a frame or an additional substructure. No piercing of the roof is necessary, either – optimum stability is achieved using the innovative steel design from Tata Steel Europe.
Conventional PV systems for metal roofs are typically made up of modules with aluminum profiles as a substructure. This type of assembly creates a high additional roof load, thus necessitating piercing of the roof. The new combined system from SOLON and Tata Steel Europe is easier to install and also offers permanent attachment, two convincing arguments for anyone who values long-term, guaranteed yields.

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