SOLON Greenfiled Power Plants

Intelligent Power Plant Design: SOLON Andromeda.

SOLON Andromeda is an innovative system using a modular approach for power plant design.

This means that the individual components no longer have to be laboriously designed for each individual project , but rather their interaction and compatibility has already been exhaustively matched and tested, combining them into turnkey units for maximum performance. These 1 MW clusters, the SOLON Andromeda building block, can be scaled up to any power plant size, and can also still be adapted to individual site conditions. That saves time and money.


The modular design of SOLON Andromeda power plants provides several benefits at once.

Customer Benefits.

SOLON is a pioneer in the planning and construction of turnkey solar power plants.

System Components.

Superior Technology for Greater Yield. System Components of SOLON Andromeda.

SOLON Investments.

Your investment pays off for the environment. Most of all, it pays off for you.


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