SOLON Power Plants


As a general contractor, SOLON has years of experience in constructing turnkey power plants. Since 2004, we have been installing projects around the world with a total output of over 250 MW. Here is a selection of our references:

Fixed Tilt

The reduced spatial requirements of a fixed-tilt PV system allow for efficient use of space.

Sa Gruta

  • Capacity: 2.68 MW
  • Product: SOLON Fixed Tilt
SOLON also demonstrated its power plant construction skills in Majorca, off the Spanish coast: several fixed-tilt PV systems, all impressive in size and appearance, have been built here.

Single-axis tracking

Single-axis tracking can increase output by up to 25%.


SOLON Power Plant Hegnenbach
  • Capacity: 1.86 MW
  • Product: SOLON Single Axis
In 2009, SOLON introduced a further solution for large-scale PV power plans: the SOLON Tauri system, a complete single-axis tracking solution. The first representative pilot project was built in Bavaria and other projects are currently in progress.

Special Solutions

SOLON develops individual solutions to meet special customer requirements or for complex surfaces.


  • Capacity: 7 MW
For a project based in the hilly landscape of Moclinejo, to the east of Malaga, SOLON developed a special solution so that the power plant with an output of 7 MW could be safely anchored on the steeply inclined surface.


  • Capacity: 1.9 MW 
  • Product: SOLON BusPort 
This urban solar power plant on the premises of a public transport company in Seville offers an intelligent dual use of a surface that has already been sealed, combining the benefits of an income from grid-feeding with weather-proofing.

Biaxial tracking - SOLON Mover L

Biaxial tracking can increase output by up to 40%.


SOLON Power Plant Erlasee
  • Capacity: 12 MW
  • Product: SOLON Mover L
  • Installed systems: 1.500
In 2006, SOLON set the standard for power plants by constructing the Erlasee solar park. The SOLON Mover could be rapidly and reliably implemented in large power plants. At the time of completion, Erlasee was the largest solar power plant worldwide to use a tracking system.


  • Capacity: 8 MW
  • Product: SOLON Mover L
  • Installed systems: 880
Successfully integrated into the landscape and with an output of 8 MW, the Tarragona power plant is a symbol for the progress that has been made in regenerative energy in Spain. It also provides a beautiful contrast to the nearby nuclear power plant.

Biaxial tracking - SOLON Mover XL

Biaxial tracking can increase output by up to 40%. The SOLON Mover XL is a complete biaxial tracking PV system with 24 large SOLON modules and hydraulic operation.


  • Capacity: 1 MW
  • Product: SOLON Mover XL
  • Installed systems: 72
In 2008, SOLON constructed North America's first biaxial tracking PV power plant with the SOLON Mover XL, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.


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