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SOLON SE confirms figures for fiscal 2008

Berlin, April 2, 2009. SOLON SE (ISIN DE0007471195), Berlin, today presented its 2008 Annual Report, which confirms the preliminary figures announced on February 24, 2009.

SOLON was again among Germany's fastest growing solar enterprises in the past fiscal year. The Company improved revenues by 62 percent to EUR 815.1 million (2007: EUR 503.1 million). Total operating performance grew by 70 percent to EUR 875.3 million (2007: EUR 514.7 million). The System Technology segment accounted for 55 percent of revenues and the Components segment for 45 percent. Some three-quarters of Group revenues were generated outside of Germany in fiscal 2008, the majority thereof in Spain and Italy. All in all, SOLON delivered to more than 20 countries. Production output rose 49 percent over the previous year to 176 MWp (2007: 118 MWp).

Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) amounted to EUR 60.0 million, a rise of 70 percent over the previous year (2007: EUR 35.2). Net income after minority interests rose 39 percent to EUR 30.9 million (2007: EUR 22.2 million). Earnings per share improved by 14 percent to EUR 2.46 (2007: EUR 2.16).

SOLON expanded production capacities across the Group to 450 MWp last year. Most of the expansion occurred at production locations in Germany, Italy, and the US. This reinforced the Company's presence in these key markets. The number of employees at all locations increased to 943 during 2008 (2007: 706).

From the perspective of the Company, the year 2009 and the following years offer potential for further growth. Assuming that the economy will make a significant recovery and the global financial markets will ease in the second half of 2009, the Management Board of SOLON expects moderate revenue growth in the current fiscal year, with adjusted net income rising somewhat less than revenues. However, in light of the current economic climate and the fact that the performance of certain key markets (USA, southern Europe) cannot yet be reliably estimated, the Management Board considers it appropriate to refrain from issuing a specific forecast for fiscal 2009 until later in the year.

The 2008 Annual Report of SOLON SE is available for download from the Company's website at

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