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SOLON SE celebrates the opening of its new Corporate Headquarters in Berlin

Berlin, 10 June 2009. Today is SOLON SE's official opening of its new Corporate Headquarters in Berlin-Adlershof. In this, the company is pointing the way towards a resource-saving and at the same time flexibly designable working environment. As one of the biggest European solar module producers and providers of solar power plants, SOLON considers itself to be particularly under obligation to the principles of sustainable trading: Not just through its products but at as early a stage as during their manufacture does it make a valuable contribution to the protection of the earth's climate.

"The city of Berlin congratulates SOLON on the opening of its new Corporate Headquarters. In years gone by, SOLON has created numerous jobs and today forms one of our city's biggest industrial employers. With its move to Adlershof, the company has declared its faith once again in Berlin as a location for economic activity and scientific excellence. This gives me great pleasure, since companies like SOLON reinforce the innovation capability of our city", remarked Berlins Governing Mayor, Klaus Wowereit, on the occasion of the official opening.

"Renewable energies are amongst the most dynamic sectors worldwide. We are part of this futuristic sector. Our new headquarters shows how the future can be lived out at this early stage - by really making use of available and innovative technologies and in this way harmonizing energy efficiency and modern working practices", SOLON's CEO, Thomas Krupke, explained.

For the design of SOLON's Headquarters by the Berlin Architect Heinrich Schulte-Frohlinde, an integrated concept involving energy efficiency, user convenience and optimization of life-cycle costs was developed to form an aesthetic overall concept. The energy design came from Prof. Norbert Fisch, Director of the Institute for Building and Solar Technology at the Technische Universität Braunschweig. A package of measures - such as its structurally excellent building envelope with heavy insulation against extremes of heat and cold and its building technology aligned to high energy efficiency - enables reduction of energy consumption by up to 75 per cent in comparison to conventional admin buildings.
Glass, steel and wood typify the building that accommodates both manufacturing and administration, with its swept down grassed roof and its curved silhouette. Its façade has an integrated external sunshade, triple-glazed insulating windows, heaters and acoustic elements. A 210 kWp photovoltaic installation is mounted on the pedestrian-accessible roof. Several courtyards permit maximum access to natural light. For energy-saving temperature control, water pipes are integrated into the concrete ceilings - the so-called concrete core activation. Ventilation, heating and illumination are individually controlled by employees. Intelligent computer-controlled building technology monitors energy consumption.

Based on the principle of a refined building shell, internal unnecessary features were done away with in favour of flexibility. The open-plan room concept almost manages without any non-movable walls. The open structures of the four-storey building promote communication and make working in alternating teams easier.

SOLON SE is one of the biggest European solar module manufacturers and provider of solar power plants. The SOLON Group is represented by subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and the USA and employs some 950 staff worldwide. SOLON's core business is the manufacture of solar modules of differing output classification and complete photovoltaic systems for the construction of solar power stations, plus the erection of turnkey power plants worldwide.

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