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SOLON SE Concludes Agreements with DSG Deutsche Solargesellschaft mbH

KACO new energy to supply sinewave inverters

Berlin, October 6, 2009 - SOLON SE has entered into agreements with DSG Deutsche Solargesellschaft mbH to construct turnkey solar power plants and to supply solar modules with a total output of approximately 8 MWp.

The scope of the order covers turnkey construction of a 2 MWp solar power plant with fixed-position, monocrystalline SOLON Black 375 large modules. The substructure to be used has been developed by SOLON.

Furthermore, SOLON has received an order to supply solar modules totaling approximately 6 MWp that are likewise foreseen for use in DSG Deutsche Solargesellschaft mbH power plant projects in Italy. The projects will be carried out in the Basilicata and Apulia regions of southern Italy, and the modules will be delivered in the 4th quarter of 2009. KACO new energy GmbH will supply the inverters for both projects.

For Thomas Krupke, CEO of SOLON SE, the new order is evidence of the good business relationships with longstanding customers and their satisfaction with the Company. "We are pleased that these agreements will allow us to expand the cooperation with our partners, DSG and KACO. This gives us yet another opportunity to demonstrate our expertise as a supplier of premium power plant technology and in the construction of turnkey power plants," stated Krupke.

For Joachim Kruck, Managing Director of DSG Deutsche Solargesellschaft mbH, quality was the main reason for deciding in favor of SOLON: "As a provider of solar investment funds, our goal is to generate high, sustainable returns for our investors. The chief prerequisite for a good solar fund is including long-lasting components of excellent quality. SOLON's high-quality modules and KACO's innovative central inverters fulfill these standards precisely. Our experience with these components shows that in the industrial parks in which they are used, the certified target values have been surpassed in all cases."

SOLON SE is one of the largest manufacturers of solar modules in Europe as well as being a supplier of solar system technology for large-scale rooftop and open field installations. The SOLON Group has subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and the U.S. and employs some 900 people worldwide. SOLON SE's core business is producing solar modules and photovoltaic systems along with planning and constructing large rooftop installations and turnkey solar power plants all over the world.

About DSG Deutsche Solargesellschaft mbH:
DSG Deutsche Solargesellschaft mbH is a specialty supplier of closed-end investments in solar parks. In 2008, the total investment volume came to approximately 62 million Euro and around 16 million Euro of equity capital was arranged. DSG Deutsche Solargesellschaft mbH pursues a strategy of consistent quality from start to finish, extending particularly to optimum technical configuration of the solar parks and the use of high-quality, brand-name components. After completion, DSG Deutsche Solargesellschaft assumes responsibility for technical operation and business management of the solar power plants in order to ensure that the strategy of quality is maintained during the operational phase.

About KACO new energy GmbH:
KACO new energy is one of the world's largest manufacturers of power inverters for grid supply. The company's range of products covers the entire spectrum of installations, from single-family homes all the way to megawatt solar parks. KACO was the first company in the solar power industry to produce its inverters on a CO2-neutral basis. KACO's technological spectrum extends from inverters for combined heat and power plants, fuel cells, and concentrator modules to new methods for solar water treatment and supplying power to electromobiles.

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