SOLON Greenfiled Power Plants

SOLON Andromeda. Solar Power Plants.

The modular design of SOLON Andromeda power plants provides several benefits at once. Higher energy output at lower costs over the entire service life reduces the costs per watt generated, which will in turn give you higher returns.

The benefits of standardized power plants at a glance:

  • Low Investments
  • Maximizing Profits During the Service Life
  • Low Operating and Maintenance Costs
  • Sound Investment
SOLON Solarfeld
SOLON Andromeda

Practical Design.

The fixed mounting system requires little material and maintenance effort. It can be flexibly adapted to various locations, even on sloping ground.

Minimum Intervention in the Natural Environment.

The surface to be sealed is very small and the soil can continually be used for agricultural purposes.

Rapid Mounting.

The modular construction allows for rapid installation of the SOLON Mira. The system is delivered completely preconfigured, so there is no time-consuming welding work on site. The total installation time is very short, which also means: lower costs.

Intelligent Balance of System Concept.

A preconfigured electrical system consisting of a power inverter, transformer and cabling ensures a good system balance. This clearly reduces the planning effort. All components are perfectly coordinated and have been tested many times. An additional benefit: intelligent combiner boxes can be used to monitor many strings in parallel.




As a general contractor, SOLON has many years of experience in the construction of turnkey power plants. Since 2004, projects with a total output of more than 250 MW have been installed worldwide.

SOLON Vega. Power Plant Monitoring and Remote Control.

SOLON Vega is an innovative web-based control system for solar power plants. Key data about the power plant’s current output level is recorded and displayed in real time.

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