SOLON Greenfiled Power Plants

SOLON Tauri. Complete PV system single-axis tracker with SOLON modules.

  • Well-known SOLON quality

  • Robust and weatherproof design

  • High cost-efficiency due to easy installation and low maintenance costs

  • Up to 25% higher yield, depending on location

SOLON Tauri Power Plants
SOLON Tauri Power Plants

The Principle.

The standard unit of the SOLON Tauri system consists of 12 x 2 modular units, each having 24 modules, i.e. a total of 576 large SOLON modules. Utilizing proprietary backtracking algorithms, this model tracks the sun on a single axis throughout the day so the module is less likely to be in the shade in the morning and evening.

The Benefit.

Depending on the latitude, topography and vegetation, 25% additional performance can be achieved in comparison with a fixed, south-facing system.

Ecologically Well Conceived.

As installation involves only minimal intervention in the natural environment, the site can be used for agricultural purposes.

Easy to Install.

The system is delivered completely preconfigured. This renders on-site welding work unnecessary. The large SOLON modules reduce both the installation time and thus the staff costs.

Innovative Protection.

The astronomically coordinated back-tracking algorithm prevents the modules from being shaded during the morning and evening, as this would lead to a reduction in the yield.

Reliability for Decades.

The decentralized power inverter concept significantly reduces the failure probability. The cabling system, too, has been decentralized. As the direct current cables have been shortened, this will result in less damage to cables by electric arcs. At the same time, improved alternating current cables result in smaller cable cross-sections.

Safe Planning.

All these measures result in a lower failure risk and thus in lower costs for both the investor and the operator.




As a general contractor, SOLON has many years of experience in the construction of turnkey power plants. Since 2004, projects with a total output of more than 250 MW have been installed worldwide.

SOLON Vega. Power Plant Monitoring and Remote Control.

SOLON Vega is an innovative web-based control system for solar power plants. Key data about the power plant’s current output level is recorded and displayed in real time.

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