SOLON Vega. Power Plant Monitoring and Remote Control.

  • Web-based user interface
  • Access to all power plant locations worldwide via Internet
  • Complete control and parameterization of the entire power plant down to individual components
  • Clear display of yield, output, and environmental analyses
  • Automatic state monitoring and real-time fault reports


Fewer faults. More returns.

SOLON Vega is an innovative web-based control system for solar power plants. Key data about the power plant’s current output level is recorded and displayed in real time. In addition, SOLON Vega also offers detailed analyses that allow you to react to potential faults quickly and efficiently. State-of-the-art control features allow you to access individual power plant components directly from your computer. That means faults can be cleared – and yields optimized.

Recognize developments quickly.

With SOLON Vega, you will always be up to date.

  • Plant, weather, and production data
  • Service work status updates
  • Trend charts and performance comparisons
  • Business case reports

SOLON Vega ensures you’ll always have accurate, real-time recording and analyses of relevant changes.


  • Online power plant monitoring and fault diagnostics
  • Reduction in downtime as a result of remote maintenance, remote control, and an alarm feature
  • Comprehensive yield, output, and environmental analysis recording
  • Data analysis and chart creation
  • Adherence to all grid connection guidelines


  • Comprehensive control, remote monitoring, and maintenance features compliant with all grid requirement guidelines
  • 24-hour access to power plant information and control
  • Global availability of current and historic values as well as detailed performance analyses via Internet
  • User-friendly, web-based data visualization as diagrams and lists
  • Quick fault clearance through real-time status updates
  • Data security through modern encryption technology, backups, and power plant access via the password-protected SOLON portal
  • Use of robust, highly weather-resistant industrial components (CE, UL)

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