SOLON Solar-Diesel Hybrid Solutions

Many industries in India have to rely on power from diesel generators during power failures. Therefore increasing fossil fuel prices and the removal of subsidy for diesel in India are a growing concern for industries in the country.

Solar Rooftop Systems can efficiently complement diesel generators and reduce their fuel consumption significantly. Solar diesel hybrid systems allow for significant cost reductions of fuel costs and a reliable power supply. Due to growing prices for power from fossil fuels and from the grid very attractive payback times as low as 4 years can be achieved. Afterwards the system provides free, CO2-free power for the next 25 years and longer.

SOLON provides German engineering and technology to implement diesel-hybrid solutions at your company. We will design the solar-diesel hybrid solution accounting for the individual needs at your company to maximize profits and payback times.

Contact us to become independent of increasing fuel costs and provide your company with clean and reliable solar energy.

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As a general contractor, SOLON has many years of experience in the construction of turnkey power plants. Since 2004, projects with a total output of more than 350 MW have been installed worldwide.

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