Flexibility and Innovation: Never Resting on Our Success



SOLON has one of the broadest arrays of portfolio offerings in the industry, in part because we are constantly anticipating and staying ahead of market needs. Solar is not a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why SOLON couples technological innovation with new systems approaches to consistently offer the best solution available, maximizing the value of solar energy for every customer’s unique needs.

    • Pioneer in solar technology since 1997
    • Flexible solutions, tailored for each location:  on-grid or off-grid, single-axis, fixed-tilt, rooftop, canopy or a specialized solution to meet your demands
    • Deliver energy solutions that work in harmony with solar
    • Committed to providing solutions that maximize the value of solar for our customers

Our ability to tailor solutions for our customers is based on our commitment to innovation. For over 15 years, SOLON has led the photovoltaic industry in quality and innovation. We have set international standards worldwide, but we do not rest on our laurels. Our passion for technological progress has led us to plan, develop and implement several innovative and extraordinary projects including:

  • World’s first modular power plant: In 2009, SOLON developed Velocity MW, the world’s first modular power plant – paving the way for streamlined designs that reduced components and field labor costs.
  • World’s first dual axis solar plant:In 2006, SOLON built the world's first adjustable solar power plant around two axes.
  • Single-axis tracking system leader:SOLON is leading the industry with the most robust single-axis tracking system powered by rugged hydraulics which minimize maintenance.
  • Unique global test site: SOLON created the one-of-a-kind Global Test Site Network – a laboratory and proving grounds to test modules, components and advanced technologies in live systems in three distinctly different climatic regions around the world.
  • Charting the energy storage path: In 2011, SOLON and partners created the Energy Storage Management Research and Testing (EnergySMRT) Site – a 1.6 MW solar plant that hosts multiple storage technologies to test their reliability and applicability.




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