Quality & Reliability



SOLON’s legendary reputation for quality is a credit to its commitment to stringent industry-recognized standards for the highest-quality components and its deep knowledge of system design and integration. With over 300 MW of solar systems under our belt, we have a profound understanding of how components and modules perform together to produce optimum output.

  • SOLON is not just a system integrator. We don’t just put components together, we put the BEST components together to deliver maximum performance.
  • We hold our suppliers to the same rigorous testing requirements we established for ourselves. Only materials that meet SOLON’s stringent, high-quality standards are chosen.
  • Over the years, SOLON has won numerous industry awards for our quality and engineering.
  • Our focus on quality carries throughout the entire process- we use proven processes to mitigate risk while delivering robust, reliable solutions.



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With more than 300 MW of systems installed globally, our SOLON team is an expert on fast & cost-effective power plant installations.

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