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The process of deciding to use solar energy can be overwhelming. The design, location, permits, technology, financing, maintenance… these are just a few of the many factors to be considered and managed when deciding to go solar.  But not with SOLON. As a full-service provider, SOLON is your one provider that handles everything – we develop, design, construct, finance, and service fixed-tilt, single-axis tracking, and canopy solar arrays.

With proven experience - over 300 MW installed, numerous industry awards and technical expertise – you can rest assured SOLON knows how to deliver the best value solar system for your needs. After all, leading industry partners and utilities choose SOLON, so you can too. 

  • SOLON is your one-stop, single point of contact and accountability– managing vendors, plans and schedules and every step of your project so you can focus on your core business and sleep well at night.
  • Having designed, built and worked with thousands of systems, components, and module configurations through the years, our engineers know how to deliver maximum plant performance.
  • The same select team of engineers that will design and build your system, can also manage and service it.  


Consistently ranked as a top U.S. solar provider, SOLON is recognized by leading national utilities and partners for its track record of delivering maximum performing systems of the highest quality.  Always on-time and on-budget.


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With more than 300 MW of systems installed globally, our SOLON team is an expert on fast & cost-effective power plant installations.

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